About Us

About Forsyth Farms

Our farm is a family farm that has been operating in Grey County for thirty years.  We are located near the shores of Georgian Bay with the Bruce Trail running through our property.  The primary focus of Forsyth Farms is lamb and beef but we also raise a small complement of ducks, chickens and  Berkshire hogs.  The Berkshires are our small attempt to keep the gene pool alive.  We grow our own hay,  oats, corn and some mixed grain for feed.  We do not use any genetically modified products.  Our animals are naturally raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics and they graze in our large grassy pastures.  Our goal is to provide delicious,  healthy and nutritious food raised in a sustainable manner that will save the land for future generations.

Fifteen years ago we built an inspected kitchen on the farm to further process some of our meat.  We initially started with the lamb pies and have expanded from there.  Our pies are made with as many organic ingredients as possible and use organic spelt flour in the pastry.  We also have a number of other products available.  All our products are made by hand,  not mass produced!  The majority of the ingredients are from our farm,  other farms close by, or organically produced. Most of the products are frozen and unbaked so you can bake them fresh in your own home.

See our products page for the products that we carry regularly. We also do special orders.  Keep in mind everything is made in small batches so sometimes products are unavailable. We would be happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have about us and our farm.

Please enjoy some pictures from around the farm, photographed by Abes Forsyth.

Cows Eating Hay at Forsyth Farms photo by Abes Forsyth
Happy Cows Munching Hay
Brenda's Vegetable Garden in Spring photo by Abes Forsyth
Brenda’s Flower Garden
The Niagara Escarpment by Abes Forsyth
The Niagara Escarpment
One of the Farm's Working Dogs Watching Out photo by Abes Forsyth

Working Dog on Watch

Mending Fences Along the Bruce Trail at Forsyth Farms photo by Abes Forsyth

Mending Fences Along the Bruce Trail

Chicory Flower in the Morning Light by Abes Forsyth

Morning Chicory Flower

Our Dairy Cow by Abes Forsyth

Our Dairy Cow

Pond by Abes Forsyth

A Quiet Pond

April Photos

Lynx by the Pond by Abes Forsyth

Lynx by the Pond

Kate Rock Picking by Abes Forsyth

Katherine Rock Picking

Kate and Abes Rock Picking by Abes Forsyth

Katherine and Abes Rock Picking

Early Lettuce Sprouts by Abes Forsyth

Early Lettuce Sprouts

After Rock Picking by Abes Forsyth

After Rock Picking

Shane Seeding by Abes Forsyth

Shane Seeding

Sheep Grazing by Abes Forsyth

Sheep Grazing

Cows Eating Hay by Abes Forsyth

Cows Eating Hay

Cow Enjoying Spring by Abes Forsyth

Cow Enjoying Spring

Jake the Cat Hater and His Friend by Abes Forsyth

Jake the Cat Hater and His Friend

Shane by Abes Forsyth


May Photos

Kate Planting by Abes Forsyth

Katherine Planting

Art in the Garden with the Pet Chickens by Abes Forsyth

Art in the Garden with the Pet Chickens

Spring Sunset by Abes Forsyth

Spring Sunset

Just Hatched by Abes Forsyth

Just Hatched

Mike Bottle Feeding by Abes Forsyth

Mike Bottle Feeding

Girls Horsing Around by Abes Forsyth

Girls Horsing Around

Polish Chicken by Abes Forsyth

Polish Chicken

Snuggling Up by Abes Forsyth

Snuggling Up

Early Peas by Abes Forsyth

Early Peas

Duck's Nest by Abes Forsyth

Duck’s Nest

Repair Time by Abes Forsyth

Repair Time

On the Lawn by Abes Forsyth

On the Lawn

Spring Fling in the Garden by Abes Forsyth

Spring Fling in the Garden

(Just what are those chickens doing?)

Late May Photos

Happy Sheep Munching Green Grass by Abes Forsyth

Happy Sheep Munching Green Grass

Row Upon Row by Abes Forsyth

Row Upon Row

Peas Blooming by Abes Forsyth

Peas Blooming

Tomato Plants in Cages by Abes Forsyth

Tomato Plants in Cages

Early Salad by Abes Forsyth

Early Salad

May Irises by Abes Forsyth

May Irises

The Flower Garden by Abes Forsyth

The Flower Garden